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G Movie

Movies are video productions that are usually narrative, but may also be documentary. These productions are rated differently based on various criteria. Movie ratings serve as a guide in determining the age range that should be allowed to watch particular films.

G movie is a film that is rated "G" by film evaluators. The term "G movie" pertains to movies that are acceptable to all types of audiences. G movie is a video production or film that can be recognised because of its simple and unassuming nature.

G movie: its content and meaning through the years

G movie productions are often associated with kids. Through the years, however, the perception on G movie productions changed. The G movie industry began to penetrate the adult viewing market.

By incorporating social values and ideas within the simple plots of a G movie, filmmakers get the adult audiences' attention.

According to a study conducted by Harvard University, there is more violence depicted in an animated G movie than in a non-animated one. This study goes to show that though animated films are usually intended for children, they already contain elements that can be considered as "for the adults".

G movie: its audience and patrons

Because of their simplicity and "innocence", G movie productions are usually aimed at children. Because of this, each G movie is created in a way that is appealing and appropriate for kids or minors. Indeed, G movie productions manage to keep the trust of their young audiences.

But because of the changes incorporated unto them, G movie productions, as mentioned earlier, also gained popularity among adult viewers. The adult patrons of G movie productions enjoy "looking beyond" what's shown on the screen. They like decoding hidden meanings, connotations and messages within the film.

G movie: the market and its audiences

G movies are considered to be more profitable than films with other ratings. Studies show that though G movies are produced less often than their counterparts having other ratings, G movies earn relatively high sales. This can be attributed to the fact that G movies cater to both the young and the adult market. G movies usually comprise only about 3% of the total movie production.

G movie: where to find them

G movie productions are available online. You may also find G movies in video shops or in any store that cells copies of movies. They come in different file formats, and are saved in different forms such as DVD, VCD and others.